We are dreamers & thinkers - climbers & doers.We live for challenges and LOVE to solve problems.

Welcome to L7 Marketing

We believe there is GENIUS in simplicity and thrive in refining the complex to create powerful, effective, RESULTS oriented marketing and PR.

L7 Marketing is a multidisciplinary agency with a proven track record for nimble and effective solutions for launching, growing, and selling brands. Our people are diverse, talented, crazy-smart, and just plain nice. We have a track record for turning obstacles into success. And we don’t stop there. Success comes from working together, and it is our goal to empower you to make the best, informed decisions ensuring you are not just one step ahead of your competition but in a whole different league.

We aim to be your real-life superheroes, saving your businesses from pitfalls, steering you in the right direction, and keeping you on track. Our commitment to excellence pushes us to continually raise the bar with unfailing accuracy. To do this, we bring you an extraordinary team of brand strategists, business consultants, marketing + PR experts, digital gurus, and creative visionaries – a team that is as passionate and dedicated to your success as you are.

We know you want and deserve the best. That is why GOOD is never enough for us. So let us be your team. We will work relentlessly with passion, to understand, imagine, strategize, and deliver for you. It is our promise to you to create incredible brands, strategies, and experiences that both deliver meaningful and measurable results to your business. You can rest assured that we will deliver nothing, but the BEST for you.

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We are driven by seven principles inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci.

Always be curious & think bigger; Align processes with clear purpose & integrity; Always aim to simplify; Balance art & science; Turn weakness into strength; Fail forward & always be learning; Be fearless & never give up.



Ethan Fialkow spearheads L7’s business and brand strategies. With almost two decades of experience, a Masters Degree in Business and a Doctorate of Jurisprudence, Mr. Fialkow is the consummate problem solver. His passion and dedication to his clients have empowered hundreds of businesses to maximize their true potential through ingenious strategies and tactics. He has worked with clients in diverse industries, and around the globe. He lives for challenges and loves to solve problems.

Mr. Fialkow brings a unique perspective to his strategies with his legal and technology background. Having practiced business, real estate and transactional law with extensive litigation, he brings a new dimension of understandings and considerations that go beyond merely succeeding, but to optimal solutions that mitigate risks. With an eye towards the future, and how technology plays key roles in every strategy, he always looks forward and considers variables that most people are not even aware of.

Mr. Fialkow has also lived and worked in Japan, where he developed a fluency in the language, and as a result of his time overseas, his strategies are empowered to consider both local and global implications.

Combined, his experience, expertise, and vision have led to the creation of L7 Marketing, and the bringing together a team uniquely qualified and passionate to solve all of your business needs.

Mr. Fialkow also heads up Eubiohacking and the Pain Relief Institute, two new ventures tied to empowering better decisions in how we live every day.

L. Burke Files, DDP, CACM


L. Burke Files leads the due diligence, investment, investigative, and research side of L7 Marketing. As a finance and corporate world insider, Mr. Files is keenly aware of the types and accuracy of the information required to make informed and timely decisions, and he brings this into the venture arena. For nearly three decades he has worked as a knowledge specialist in international finance and due diligence working on projects in over 100 countries. Previously, he was a partner in a regional business, finance, and securities consulting firm. He has served as the director of corporate finance for an investment banking company and the principal of a business and venture capital consulting firm. Mr. Files continues to serve on Boards for private companies working in international finance, due diligence, and Anti-Corruption.

These and a multitude of other experiences provide Mr. Files with a broad and exceptional knowledge base and contacts in the international finance, and corporate worlds. He has received a Commission and a Medal of Merit from the President of the United States is an award-winning author and is frequently sought out by media as a quotable and reliable source. When you meet him, you will no doubt enjoy the warm and distinctive personality that has led to his nickname.

Van Thu Nguyen


With over a decade of extensive experience in fashion, public relations, entertainment, dentistry, and health care, Van has the versatility and vision to deliver unrivaled results for a huge variety of clients. Knowing the ins and outs of multiple industries, she can solve problems like no other.

She’s a known trendsetter and has graced major publications like GQ, advertising campaigns, and runway shows for fashion icons.

Van’s keen eye for detail, creativity, and the ability to craft brand stories have landed her clients on major media platforms. With a high degree of empathy and intuition, she knows what attracts people now, and what they are going to love down the road.

Thanks to Van, countless individuals and businesses have increased their profits dramatically, enhanced their performance profoundly, and established a far stronger presence in the marketplace. Whatever their ambition or concern, people count on Van to give them the time and attention they deserve.

Van is proud to have worked with and helped flourish these amazing people and organizations:

All-4-One, 300 Pound Vegan, Jim Kwik, the Twilight movie cast, Forest Whitaker, Ryan Seacrest from KIIS FM, The Kardashians, Disney kids, Extra TV’s talented host Maria Menounos, American Idol, Every Monday Matters, It Gets Better Project, and Roxx Vodka in their battle against giant corporation Exxon Mobil, and many healthcare, dental, and entertainment businesses.

Christopher McDonald


With almost two decades of experience, Christopher McDonald brings to the table an extensive network of connections and opportunities. But it’s not just his network, but the actual relationships he builds. Going beyond merely booking talent, Christopher has worked with everyone from high profile billionaires to celebrities to small businesses to identify, strategize, and build bridges that develop not just into relationships but new ventures never before imagined.

With a strong familiarity with traditional media, and having booked an array of top talent from the world of entertainment, sports, business, science, tech, and politics. Christopher launched Connections First in order to bring opportunities never before seen by many small businesses.

Christopher grew up a citizen of the world. His father served 35 years active duty in the U.S. Army with his career taking Christopher and his family to Japan, Korea, Germany and various posts around the United States. Christopher holds a bachelor of science in broadcast journalism from Boston’s prestigious Emerson College, which led to the beginning of his professional career at CNN.

Christopher has had the pleasure and honor to work with the following brands:

“Tavis Smiley” (PBS), “The Arsenio Hall Show” (CBS/Tribune), “It’s Not You, It’s Men w/ Tyrese & Rev Run” (OWN) and “Impact Theory w/ Tom Bilyeu” (YouTube/Itunes), Quest Nutrition, Prince, Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, Angelina Jolie, Jay Z, Kanye West, Dave Matthews, Joni Mitchell, Alicia Keys, John Legend, Michael Strahan, Dierks Bentley, Martina McBride, Paul Mitchell’s John Paul DeJoria and Tony Robbins.