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Below are some of the results we have achieved for our clients, and their testimonials as well.


Developed brand strategy, branding, and commerce website for client, increasing sales over 500%.

Increased several clients conversion rates by over 200%.

Optimized several clients to rank #1 out of hundreds of millions of results.

Developed brand strategy, branding, and website for client, resulting is 2+ years of being booked out.

Assisted in growing a studio from 5 to 13+ locations.

Grew client’s brand to worldwide recognition and millions of followers.

Launched several new businesses that turned profitable within 6-9 months.

Successfully cleaned up and established reputations for dozens of clients.


As a Television Director on a variety of shows here in LA and in New York, I’ve worked with many talent producers and bookers, but Christopher has always separated himself with his knowledge, style and ability to get things done. I’d make a point to find time in my day to stop by his office for discussions of music and culture, and I always left enriched.

Brian Campbell, Director at Entertainment Tonight


L7 Ventures has done a lot to help the 300 Pound Vegan team. From the start, they knew we needed a website and better branding to up our game.

They understood the importance of creating an overall great brand experience. Their Business Consultants, Brand Strategists, along with their PR/Marketing team worked together to ensure our brands are cohesive with the business, branding, and marketing/pr strategy, and that it was aligned with our mission and goals. Their work far exceeded our expectations.

They started with Research & Due Diligence phase to know everything there is to know about our brand, weaknesses, and strengths as well as our competitors’. They blew us out of the water with their clean and memorable logos for 300 Pound Vegan and Good Food Initiative. Going beyond that they did some reputation control after a mishap with our old domain, clarified our messaging, and made huge enhancements to give our brands the quality and professionalism we want to convey.

That wasn’t all, they came up with an effective social media strategy from username selection and complete customized profiles for our Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube channel. There is no problem they can’t solve.

Other services L7 has provided to us: facilitating and filtering opportunities w/ brands, brand name selection, domain names, SEO & SMO strategy, PR consulting, some social media management, Press Kit creation, and team training.

Their professionalism is unmatched and the quality of their work speaks for itself. Their attention to detail was exactly what the company needed. Not to mention Van and Ethan was an absolute pleasure to work with from beginning to end. I can’t thank L7 enough for the company overhaul!

– Paige Carter, Co-Founder of 300 Pound Vegan


Burke is a highly reputable and thorough investigator and financial advisor, often producing timely and succinct advice along with his normal work. We have been doing business with him for about 9 years and highly recommend him. We trust him implicitly.

Cindy Osburg, MAT & Recyling/MAT


Christopher McDonald is one of the best, hardest working, most creative people I’ve ever had the privilege of working alongside. I trust him infinitely — for his ability to come through under a tight deadline, bring in the highest quality talent, and create world-class content. If you ever get the chance to work with him, you’ll count yourself lucky.

Stephanie Storey, Coordinating Producer at The Arsenio Hall Show


I searched & searched before I found Ethan and can ONLY say great things about his company. I am a small business owner, and I wear many hats. Ethan takes the time to listen to what my company needs, and then even goes as far as to teach me how to use the product so I am empowered and not dependent on his services! He could nickel & dime me and take advantage of what I don’t know, but he never does. And, when you call the company or email, you reach someone! Customer service is excellent and the product is phenomenal – Every day I receive a compliment about my website, and I am 100% positive it drives business to my company and is part of the reason for our success.

-Alison M.


If you are looking for the right website done properly the first time look no further.

L7 and Ethan takes design and branding to a whole new level. From the first time I saw their work, to what their actual end product is, at every point, mind blowing. They’ve done so much, I’m not sure where to start. I’ve received countless compliments on my business cards for one. Thanks to L7 I am able to make a great first impression. Ethan helped me launch my company in practically no time at all.

The process was basically painless from the company name, logo, website, branding, to streamlining business processes. Beyond just the quality of their work, they are professional and a joy to work with. I’ve had the pleasure of also working with L7’s due diligence expert Burke. He helped me make better decisions with the right knowledge you wouldn’t get from just anyone, considering his experience is such a rarity in his line of work. They have turned bad situations into positive ones and definitely steered me in the right direction saving me a lot of time, headache, and money. You can really tell that they care about their customers. And somehow or another they still manage to be uber responsive and friendly.

And on top of all that they helped me get my business strategy in order, and really helped bring clarity to my world.

I cannot recommend them highly enough!!! You won’t be disappointed!

-Van N


Ethan has been a huge factor in the growth of our company. From when we met Ethan to now, we have noticed the a substantial increase in online traffic and positive response to the functionality and feel of our website. On top of the excellent web development and branding that they offers, Ethan offers incredibly helpful advice in all aspects of business. I am very grateful to have found Ethan, and every business I have advised to work with Ethan thanks me dearly every time. Excellent work and outstanding customer service. The best!

-Luis F.


Burke is one of the foremost experts in understanding the implications of offshore structures and tax issues. His financial background and expertise in this area is unmatched. I highly recommend him.

Steve Sloan, MBA, FLMI, Financial Representative (maybe omit position) at Country Financial


Since partnering with this team our documentary “The Principle” has had incredible breakthroughs. Van and her network have secured national live interviews with Coast to Coast AM (twice!), Breitbart Sirius XM Radio, Gavin MacInnes, and features in Forbes, LA Times, and dozens of popular podcasts and blogs.

The result?
We are killing it on ITunes and Amazon, we just signed with Vubiquity for TVOD on fifteen cable and satellite TV networks throughout Latin America, and our digital distributor has prepared a plan for international digital distribution of our film across major streaming and TVOD platforms throughout the world.

They got it done for “The Principle” in a big way, and we will definitely be partnering on future projects.

Rick DeLano, Founder of Stellar Motion Pictures & Film Producer


If you’re looking for the right website done properly the first time look no further….

After using several different web developers I can say with great confidence that Ethan and his team are the best of the best in the business. They take a great deal of time to understand your business, discuss ways to improve your business model to utilize the websites functionality to make it more efficient and work out the most streamlined method to increase traffic to your site.

They have done a great deal to improve my business and I can’t recommend them highly enough.

– Dane V.


All I can say is…if you want it done RIGHT the 1st time…call Ethan @ L7! I made the common mistake of hiring a company to build my website without doing my research first. They overcharged me and didn’t deliver in the timeframe as promised. I ended up firing them and calling Ethan. He was so professional and accommodating. He built me an amazing website that surpassed my expectations in a fraction of the time! I would absolutely recommend him and his team to anyone looking for exceptional web design and branding services!

Oh, and don’t forget the hosting! Talk about fast, easy and reliable. They take care of it all. Fully managed, backed up. They even will fix your site for free if its hacked. Talk about peace of mind.

So what are you waiting for? Call them now!

– Ha N.


L7 is a premier branding and web development company. I would place 110% confidence in their ability to produce a professional web presence for any company, services, or individual brand while offering personal, one-on-one service.

But beyond mere web design and logos, these guys really know businesses. They are able to research, and grasp a depth of our industry that we hadn’t even understood or seen. I think it was this factor that made what they delivered to us that much better.

Moreover, you don’t just deal with anyone. Ethan Fialkow, one of the founders was our go-to guy throughout this entire project. We were able to speak candidly, one-on-one with Ethan numerous times, and he was very patient and offered great advice. We would recommend Ethan to any company looking to upgrade its web presence to the next level. Thank you Ethan!!!!

– Tramy N.


From the moment I first saw L7’s work and started brainstorming with them how to redesign the website of the non-profit that I work with, it was obvious that they are in the class of their own.

Yes, they have a great portfolio and offer perfected designs, but it’s the passion, thoughtfulness and quality that they put into their client’s projects that makes them different. They truly take their philosophies to heart and help to align processes with vision, clear purpose and integrity. No matter how large or small, they always deliver. So if you want a marketing company to help you do things right from the start, then look no further. I could not recommend Ethan Fialkow and L7 enough.

– Elena F.

Van Nguyen is a ‘tour de force!’ She approaches every task with laser focus and works until completion. Every task she’s given she completes ahead of schedule and does nothing less than 150%. When I hired her team to help establish my company’s brand, she patiently worked with me and my hectic schedule to provide exactly what I wanted and continued to follow-up to make sure I was satisfied. I would recommend Van to anyone who is serious about taking their brand to the next level.

Joyce Marie Fitzpatrick, Executive Producer at FlatCat Productions

Wow! What more can I say about Ethan and his team? You can see from their work that they have an eye for attention to details. And the quality really shows.

In real estate, everything we do relies on building trust, and showing a property in the right light. Well Ethan and his team get this. And they make everything look better. But they don’t stop there. They create amazing and fun immersive experiences that work across all devices. So when my clients come whether on phone or laptop they won’t be disappointed.

I recommend Ethan and his team, and will be sending everyone I know to him for their marketing needs. Thank you L7!

– Angela C.


Ethan Fialkow and his team at L7 have exceeded my expectations in every way. Far more than just a website/graphic design firm, they have been an indispensable part of my business growth strategy since day one. Not only are their website design and branding (i.e. logo etc) capabilities unsurpassed in the industry, but Ethan, in particular, has brought a consultative approach to my business and brand that extends far beyond their core capabilities as an organization. Said another way, they truly do go the extra mile.

If you’re looking for best-in-class web design coupled with a comprehensive business plan designed to strengthen your brand, message, and customer impact, your search is over.

I really can’t recommend them highly enough!

– Todd B.


Working as a busy medical professional, I really don’t have the time nor the desire to focus on my marketing needs. I’ve been so happy I’d chosen Ethan and his team to take care of them for me! From marketing research to design and development of the website to branding, L7 does their work not only efficiently, but beautifully. The finished product really exceeded my expectations.

As they say, you get what you pay for; and L7 is definitely worth it!

– Wendy L.


Ethan @ L7 is very responsive and on-point to work with. Effective, efficient and produces top-notch results. What really impressed me was Ethan’s ability to rapidly grasp and process information relevant to industries that he has not worked in. He produced a great website that has been tremendous in generating value for my business.

– Jerry Y.


We own a busy restaurant in San Francisco’s financial district and have been doing business with Ethan Fialkow, the principal at L7 since 2011. Ethan and the team are assisting us with the redesign of our website to meet the growing and changing demands of our clientele. My experience has and continues to be excellent: Ethan is great at listening to our needs, providing vision and strategy and executing on deliverables in a timely manner and well within budget. Our partnership with L7 extends beyond design, to functionality across platforms, messaging and helping us retain our competitive edge in the marketplace. We strongly recommend L7 to anyone who needs more than just design.

– Ron H.


Having grown up in a world of beautiful and meticulous designs in Japan, I expect and only look for the best. And L7 does not disappoint. From customer service to final product Ethan and his team deliver.

From jaw dropping graphics to cool and impressive movement and interaction on the website, they really create unique and engaging experiences. But they also go a step further. From hosting to printed items they offer comprehensive consulting and services. And at every point, they only provide the best, and that is why I can recommend them without question.

Common, life is short, do you really want to take a gamble with anyone else?

– Etsu K


L7 has a diverse skill set to handle all your consulting needs. I have used L7 on small projects to medium sized issues and they deliver every time. A great group of collective minds has been assembled to provide you with out of the box thinking when you can’t see what you’re looking for.

L7 brings a fresh look to any business on any type of project, they are very diverse. From financial issues, website design, marketing, strategy, audits, surveys, leadership workshops, you name it these folks can handle it!

Highly recommend their services for your business!

– Chris H


I was thinking about how to market my brand, design a website and get noticed. I was going about it all wrong. There are successful companies that get paid to do that kind of thing and that company is L7 Business Consulting. Their professionalism, project management, and experience far surpass what I could have done for myself. They designed a great website, business cards and educated me in the process. By partnering with L7 it relieved the stress I had put on myself so that I could focus on my customers and business.

– Brian Z